Guest Editor: Josh Young

The Guest Editor: Josh Young

March 11, 2024

We’ve tapped some of our favorite tastemakers to share their journey, their style and their current wishlist. Meet artist, designer, and avid collector Josh Young.
Lending an ear to the past and eye to the future, Josh has just what we’re craving for a seasonal refresh. We’ve partnered with Josh to create exclusive botanical paintings from his latest collection, BLOOM. Read on to learn more about the exclusives, plus Josh’s inspiration and his current must-haves.

Meet The Editor

Josh has always considered himself an artist, beginning in his first studio in the basement of his childhood home. At 19 years old, Josh moved to Milan for school and work, staying for six years and picking up various 9-5 jobs. Although not feeling fulfilled professionally, he gained inspiration everywhere he went. “It was extremely random and impulsive yet predictable at the same time. Growing up, I always wanted to live in Europe and just went for it after graduating high school. I came of age in Milan in so many ways, both artistically and personally.” He eventually met his husband in Milan and moved back to the US in 2015, then started his studio, Josh Young Design House, in 2017.

The Fun-damentals

Josh shares his coffee table essentials for entertaining.

  1. 1. Mint Julep cups to use as a small vase for flowers
  2. 2. A silver tray with vintage black and white photos. I love collecting these throughout my travels and sourcing trips. They're also a great conversation piece when entertaining.
  3. 3. Vintage art books or old Sotheby's catalogs 
  4. 4. A candle from Mizensir, my favorite fragrance house in Switzerland.
introducing josh young design house at tuckernuck

My Botanical series, BLOOM, is an abstract interpretation of vintage pressed herbarium. An outlined, shadow-like effect on aged cotton rag papers from our vendors in Paris. Bastille, 1908 is a limited quantity fine art print of my notable original series which features textural layers of plaster, gesso, pastels, and paint.

“Whether an old film or a specific time period, I’m constantly referencing the 
past and bringing new life to something old and once forgotten.”

Josh's Decorating How-To's

Go For High-Low

“Something doesn’t have to be expensive in order to be deemed “valuable”. I like what I like and my homes are a true mix of high and low.”

Mix Old and New

“Every room needs something antique, a little patina to add character and warmth."

Trust Your Intuition

“I think it's very easy in today's world to get lost amongst all of the noise, opinions, and feedback. Tune that out and allow my gut and intuition take the lead and guide me.”

In His Home

Explore Josh’s full edit of Tuckernuck favorites for the home.